13 days before suicide

photo by Stefan Schumann

The idea to start a solo project has always been there, but I never had enough time to produce it. I was to busy with my other bands and projects (Odium, Discreation etc). But, now it´s the time to release the album. Some tracks are nearly 10 years old I always wanted to record them and put them on a record.So here it is...13 tracks sounding like good-old Metallica,Queensryche and much more.Most of the tracks are instrumental but some tracks which go beyond all that and feature some guest artists and singers (Mario from Strapped Illa, Kai from Discreation, Reinhard Ex-Odium and Sven G. on Sax). The range goes from Rock till Death and everything in between. A big thanx goes to Matze for the drums, on bass Beli. And a great mixing job done by Jörg Uken at the Soundlodge Studios...

The "NICHTS BLEIBT" EP also produced by myself in 2014 shows a different side than the full-lenth album. Some BM parts are introduced. Mixed at 4D Sounds, UK by Acle Kahney (TesseracT)




"Nichts bleibt" EP - 2014


drums: Jan

vox: Falko

everyting else: Dave





"13 Days before suicide" - 2013


guitar: Dave H.

drums: Matze H.

bass: Beli S.

Vox: Mario ("Altes Ich")

Vox: Reinhard R. ("Sleeping (wide awake)")

Vox: Kai M.-L. ("Let me re-arrange the world")

sax: Sven G.


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